Mar 192008

Just got an email the other day from my buddy Mistress Bella Morte titled “Better late then never”. She has been the guardian of the photographic evidence from back when Voodoo Kiss(the darling Ronabell’s utterly inspired play parties) were being held at Venom Studio.

So these are a couple of years old now. But still damn sexy. And are yet more documentation of just how happy teasing and torturing people makes me. What’s somewhat sad is that our willing victim had a blindfold on for most of the scene so he couldn’t even enjoy that predatorial grin.

Good times. Looking forward to this year’s event although July is still a long ways off. I’ll be sure to keep ya’ll posted since, as you can see, it’s a very good time.


****Forgot to mention – Photos were taken by Roger w/Circle 23 and the Hottie in the hat is Mistress Bella Morte****