Nov 092011

“Dear Mistress Katherine, I saw your internet page and I was wondeirng whether you might be able to help me expand my experiences with ballbusting. I will be in Seattle again soon. I have seen a couple of Mistresses in before for ballkicking and ballbusting sessions. All have been good but none have pushed me […]

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Oct 212011
Amateur Hour

Hello from MIA land. Been, clearly, forever since I last posted. Hoping to change that trend in the not to distant future. Part of my plan to re-energize my poor neglected blog is to move it to either Blogger or WordPress before the holidays. I miss blogging, but am more then frustrated with LJ these […]

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Feb 152011
The kind of email I love...

Breaking the silence and balancing out the previous post with this lovely letter from a recent playmate. “Hi, Katherine, I want to say thanks very much for the exciting and fun session you created last Monday evening. I loved everything about it! Being trussed up, exposed and helpless was extremely exciting. But of course, that […]

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Dec 072010
Lady Like

“Dear Mistress i had e-mailed you along time ago and you said that if i had questions i could ask i’m not sure if that is still ok. i was wondering what this feminization process is.what one has to do is it like wearing a corset,dressing up as a woman,strap-on,i’m confused on what i read […]

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Dec 032010
Schoolin Kinsey

Some folks whose opinions I value greatly have been pressing me to go back to school. I’m not sure if a letter like this is an encouragement or a deterrent towards said goal: Mistress, I am a Sociology graduate student at Big Institution that Costs A Lot Of Money. I’m currently working on my thesis […]

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Nov 212010
Gitty up Larry Flynt!

Haven’t posted in forever so I thought I’d offer up a bit of snarky humor in amends. So..take it away Mr Ed(name and a few potential identifiers changed to protect the clueless)… “I’m into 4 legged ponyplay, piggyback rides, and many other things. I didn’t see these things on the site, are you flexible on […]

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Sep 052010

So last night did indeed call for a bit of club hoping. I had a very cute boy on stand-by and gave him a ring to let him know that I’d be by to retrieve him shortly…granted that shortly may have taken a bit longer then I’d planned. It’s been far too long since I […]

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Sep 042010

Having a nice mellow weekend with the possibility of some very late night shenanigans. This evening will be getting in a nice bit of tease and torture with one lucky guest. And if I’m not too high and/or spent from that, may make a guest appearance at one of the gazillion sexy parties and club […]

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Aug 222010
*Le Sigh*

Loving this weather but hoping it isn’t messing with anyones outdoor plans. Think I might stop for a walk through the park on the way out to visit w/the fam. The bod is a bit sore from a recent upgrade of my work-out routine and some serious cardio of the nakid kind so a nice […]

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Aug 192010

Working on what is sure to be a very titillating post/rant about cuckolding which I should have up later this evening. For now, as promised yesterday, here’s a couple of things I have and will be posting on FB. I’m feeling pretty inspired today, from a number of directions, and felt like paying it forward […]

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