Aug 192010

Working on what is sure to be a very titillating post/rant about cuckolding which I should have up later this evening. For now, as promised yesterday, here’s a couple of things I have and will be posting on FB. I’m feeling pretty inspired today, from a number of directions, and felt like paying it forward a bit.

So for your amusement, since the best of inspiration gets to you not just because its true but because its funny, here’s a couple of very SFW videos:

This first one is from someone I’ve meet on FB, sort of through mutual friends. I honestly haven’t read his book yet but fully intend to place an order before the day is out. It’s a great concept and one that most of us have room for more of in our life even if, like me, you already have a job you love. ;-)

This one is clever and sweet with a bit of wisdom from the always inspiring Alan Watts. Think of it as your mental fiber intake for the day. Something that should help you digest everything else that ends up on your plate today. Possibly with some lasting health benefits that we’re still only beginning to understand.

Enjoy! I’m off to do a bit of yoga since a day at my computer can sometimes inspire a cranky bod.

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