Dec 082009

Here’s a few more shopping ideas along with a shameless plug for one of my favorite artists. I have long been a fan of the Pin-up Art of Krysztof Nemeth and it looks like he’s spreading a bit of Holiday cheer this month by offering some amazing deals on some of his art work.

Sad to say that I only have one of his pieces, as much as I adore her…but I’m sure she’d love a bit more sassy company. And even if you’re not shopping for me…his lovely, curvy and quirky hotties would make a wonderful addition to the art collection of anyone who appreciates the femme fatale form:

My favs from the sale in order of adoration would be Pirate Booty(pictured above), Beelzebabe, Ms Vickie and Switchblade.

Note from the artist:

“All images framed, and include shipping! Sale valid only through the end of December! Please paypal your payment to with the name of the piece you wish to buy and your mailing address.”

Lastly, it looks like he’s done a website overhaul since the last time I visited so if you haven’t checked him out in awhile hop over and take a look!

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