Sep 112009

Coding is such a pain in the ass…but then there’s the great feeling of smarty-pants accomplishment when I’m done…and everything is exactly like I want it. Still need to add some stuff to the Contact Page, and will be updating the home page later this weekend. But the big work, overhauling the FAQ page to reflect some very exciting new options, is DONE!!!!

Take a look and let me know what ya think:

For now I’m off to hang with my lovely lady. Plans include shopping for something tasty to make each other for dinner(which will surely involve much smooching in the aisles), making said dinner(more smooching, plus groping, since we will no longer have an audience), eating said dinner(hopefully we’ll get to this part with all that making out) followed by lounging in the yard, nakid hot tubbing, and, of course, a whole bunch of HAWT LESBIAN SEX!!!

Not necessarily in that order… we both like to be spontaneous…and also lack sexual self-control.

She was recently fussing that the Hitachi I got her for her b-day last month is notably stronger then mine. Not sure if its a newer model thang or has to do with the power supply at my house. This might call for a vibe-off.

Hope your plans for such a wonderful summer-ish Friday are just as nasty and sweet.

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