Mar 262009

My good buddy TJ, knowing my fetish for long aquatic arms, usually as represented in Hentai(the sick and twisted branch of the Japanamation Porn industry) sent me a link to this fabulous blog last week.:

Though it does mostly have to with actual real world tentacled creatures, like octopi, squid, cuttle and jelly fish, and NOT so much with sex-crazed many “armed” demons, it’s an awfully fun read and often has links to great tentacle inspired art work, jewelry and swag. Like this lovely outfit that will be my gift to the first spawn any of my breeder pals creates:

Speaking of sex-crazed demons, I’m seriously in lust with these illumination fixtures:

I did end up buying the bottom necklace in this picture. A friend of mine has one too and I’ve been in serious envy of it since I first saw her wearing the damn thing. It was either buy my own…or break into her apartment and steal hers.

And for all my Steampunk pals, you’ll want to check out these two links:
The guy raises(and occasionally bottles) cuttlefish???!!!
A great source for, well, cool dead stuff.

Shopping aside, it’s a great blog to check out if you’re even the littlest bit of an earth science geek. There’s good stuff to know on there even if you’ve already heard that golden showers are the best treatment for a jellyfish sting.

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