Feb 192009

The PI’s got the news:


The ridiculous porn tax also known as Bill 2103 won’t even be given a hearing. Thank goddess for the intelligent legislators who took one look at this bill and knew they’d be screwed with their pants on if they tried to pass it.

So Yeah! We win!…sort of….the folks that proposed the bill and their short sighted ideology are still in office and whose to say they won’t try something similar in the future.

So trying to retain my happy mood, and help you do the same, here’s another dose of sex-positive goofy goodness from those crazy kids over at the Midwest Teen Sex Show. Since I last visited they’ve added a number of new episodes. So check out their website to enjoy their comic take on the topics of: HPV, Boobies, Hook-ups and Vaginas. And don’t forget to throw some money their way and/or buy a t-shirt while you’re there.


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