Sep 192008

Couple of thoughts from today.

First a quote – "Your not like a kid in a candy store, your like a diabetic kid in a candy store."

Second – Spinning a meant to be sexy yarn to a playmate. Theorizing that maybe his first kinky experience was with his mother. Getting a spanking stretched across her knees, the perfumed smell of her, the feel of her stiff dress against him, his small child’s cock finding a niche between her thighs and the fabric of that dress as she brings her hand down hard again and again. The humiliation combined with the friction, and the overwhelming sensation and scent of her. The confusion of his youthful body and brain not as yet trained in what is good or bad, evil or approved of, just pure reaction. Don’t we all aspire to that place. The place before judgment came into play. To be Adam or Eve before the hand of God fell and they knew shame.

So here we are playing out this ritual of replacement, striving to find a meaning when maybe there isn’t a meaning to be found. But it isn’t senseless. It is truly striving for the place of all senses unrestricted and innocent.

Tonight I am thankful for my friends. I’m thankful for their ability to grow and move beyond momentary pain toward something more important. Their ability to inspire and to let me inspire them. 

The radiators have kicked on. Its raining and I am glad of it. Here’s to cleaner air tomorrow.

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