Apr 212008

I know and admire a number of our local photographers. But the wonderful and often enigmatic images of visioluxus have always held a deep resonance with me.

There are plenty of photos that I enjoy but don’t necessarily feel the need to put in my home. Not only am I fairly OCD when it comes to my domestic surroundings(ie: all things in balance; high color coordination standards; a place for everything and everything in its place). But I’m a very visual person and I’m highly affected by what I see around me on a daily basis.

Despite my incredibly picky purchasing taste, being on Elisa’s LJ is a constant threat to my bank account. Her recent print sale, combined with a Spring induced desire to freshen up my walls, broke through what measly resistance I have to her artistic siren song.

So after much painful deliberation(it was ridiculously difficult to choose) I decided the following images needed to be added to my home:

I’ve promised to take pictures of where everything ends up once I get it all framed and hung. I might even be looking for some willing victims to pose with my new art, just to add an interesting dimension. If I do the latter I’ll definitely post some of those photos here.

Otherwise I guess you’ll just have to come over and see for yourself.


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