Apr 302008

Here it is kids, as threatened, my podcast with my long time pal Valerie Strangiato.

And I warned ya’ll that it was a LOOOONG conversation. Well, Valerie did edit but decided that it was all just too much fun, informative goodness that it simply could not be cut. So it’s, um, 2 hours long.

But it’s an entertaining 2 hours of two very sex positive and out spoken women laying down the kinky gospel.

Give it a listen, as much as ya want, and let me know what you think. I was admittedly some what nervous as I couldn’t actually tell you for sure what all I said after the fact. But aside from a tongue clicking noise that I kept making at the start, and my bird creating some interesting background noise at certain points, I’m really very pleased.

If you post feedback here Valerie will see it but you are also encouraged to respond directly on her site. And if you have any questions that aren’t addressed in our not so little chat she’s always looking for more topics to talk on.


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