Mar 012008

Last chance kids! Tonight is the night!

So very excited. Just made hook-up plans with good friend and incredibly talented feature artist Nina Ruchirat(responsible for the above image). I’ll be making my grand entrance between 7pm and 8pm. Hopefully that will give me a chance to check out all the art before the crowds get too thick. Then the rest of the evening can be devoted to people watching, performances and general schmoozing.

I also want to get there early to snag as many of these tasty beauties as possible:

Other pieces I’m very excited to see:

If you miss tonight you will be seriously missing out on THE Sexy Seattle Event of the year!!!! And if you are planning on coming, but don’t have your ticket yet you better arrive early. Even if they don’t sell out(which is likely) the line is sure to get worse the later the night goes.

And if you spot me, feel free to come over and say hi, whether I know you yet or not.

Here’s the event link:

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