Well hello there Pervert.

Looking for the perfect playmate?

Careful what you wish for.

My name is Mistress Katherine and I am a Professional Dominatrix based in Seattle, Washington. On the following pages you will find more information about my unique style of domination, the activities I enjoy, as well as how, lucky you, might get to come play with me.

If this is your first time visiting my site, glad you could make it!

But as every Femme Domme is far from the same, help ensure that I am the right Pro Domme for you by taking some time to look over the information I've presented here before contacting me. All aspiring new playmates are required to have at least read the following three pages. Though feel free to spend more time here and explore the entire site:

The FAQ Page: This page will cover basic but important info like what type of sessions I offer and what tribute is for each option, as well as provinding answers to the more common (and random) questons people have regarding this type of encouter.

The Games Page: This should be your next stop. After reading this page you should know whether or not we both like the same types of games. Compatibility of interests is key. But if all that looks good and exciting (or even slightly scarry but still exciting) you could just jump right over to...

The Contact Page: Here you'll find detailed info on how (and how not) to contact me when you are ready to take the plunge and schedule your session. My phone number and my email address are on this page, but again, be sure you've at least read the the FAQ and Games pages before contacting me.

Of course there are plenty of other fun things to see and read on this site. Specialized Galleries full of sexy photos, there's even a link to a Slideshow of me playing with one of my pretty pals (be warned there is sound on that one page).

If you'd like a look inside my head in addition to a view of my fabulous ass you can find a window on the Personal page or peek through the keyhole by reading one of my naughty stories.

And if all that still isn't quite enough insider intel on all my intriguing awesomeness...really don't take my word for it, plenty of other people seem to think so...you can hop over to my Blog to read my often amusing and occsionally enlightening thoughts about this lovely kink filled world that I've made for myself, a world that I would absolutely love to share with you!

So welcome, enjoy the site, and when you're ready to make that wish...

I'll be waiting...